Deity of Gender Celestial body Mineral/material Alternate Form Description
naɰa night, darkness, animals, instinct, blood female Muniversalis silver wolf (dairig)
aɰe day, light, plants, growth, minerals, personality, procreation female Kstar gold redwood-like tree
epoika heavens, stars, comets, human life, human fertility herm background stars antimony comets (epoika)
šekvani storms, weather, harvest, female fertility female an inferior planet mercury cyclones (šunokika)
tapkhahinaɰ domesticated (farm/work) animals, hunting, male fertility male horse/centaur
kakensíp oceans, boats, water, islands male lapis whale
kupevek land, mountains, lava male obsidian
ítzílwk metal, fire, love male iron (ore)
potaka peace, music herm wood
énseš festivities, fantasy, sexual relations, sexuality male fabric
ginaipek war, anger, death, disease male
kapatsev wisdom, knowledge, thinking, truth, differences male water
kydeseŋi trade, craft, technology female copper
panekoi time, sleep female owl

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