Many nations on universalis still hold many of their colonies.




Akaji (Population: 4 million)

Bárstetkses (Population; 331,000)

Shioni (Population: 71,000)

Previous Colonies of AiyotaEdit

Atiqa (Serkr Island)

Agiaqeto (Serkr)

Bokukaji (previous colony in Himalia)

Cattinoquei (Serkr)

Dansi (Aiyoti Ih'saga)

Hitainé (Serkr)

Sazsiro Kantinoro (An Aiyoti holding in Ethanthova that lasted for five days)

Stiotova (Aiyoti occupation in Teralm)

Vutivaseneltiszaiketograkizzia Dani (Small island in Aeridani residing on the northernmost section of the continental plate of the Azervísi Isivalzi)

Zialustio Cantograti (Aiyoti holding of Më)

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