The first page on the wiki - the dolphin racing frenzy of course!

[19:33:05] Kalassak this is very important
[19:33:27] Kalassak i plan on making an IDRA game
[19:33:40] Kalassak international dolphin racing assosiation
[19:33:41] matty406 google it
[19:33:53] Fiah so
[19:33:56] Kalassak featuring major venues like
[19:33:56] Fiah the wiki
[19:34:03] Kalassak faerhenfall and auspikitan
[19:34:14] matty406 kol
[19:34:16] Fiah faehrenfall is a river port lol
[19:34:18] Fiah actually
[19:34:28] Fiah technically it's like a 500 mile long estuary
[19:34:31] Kalassak we can fly dolphins we have planes
[19:34:48] Fiah let me get my measureing tape
[19:35:26] Fiah 24 mile wide river wat
[19:35:47] Kalassak "The first step is to pick your language. Bindings for OpenGL exist in many languages, from C# and Java to Python and Lua." ok
[19:35:51] Kalassak that works
[19:36:21] Fiah Amazon River Basin flood during the rainy season the Amazon River can be up to 40km/24.8 mi wide. Where the Amazon opens at its estuary the river is over 325km/202 mi wide!
[19:36:22] Fiah woaaaaa
[19:36:39] Fiah ok i have no doubt in my 24 mile wide river anymore
[19:36:43] Fiah that'd be amazing
[19:36:52] Fiah aeridanish river dolphins vs ska serkr dolphins
[19:37:55] Fiah here
[19:37:57] Fiah first wiki page
[19:38:14] Kalassak it is idrl!!!!!
[19:38:23] Kalassak i said idra above but failed
[19:38:43] Fiah oh
[19:38:45] Fiah i'll fix it

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