Blaist Blaland has participated in all editions of the Univision Song Contest. As a country, Blaland has had minimal success, placing on average the worst of all countries that have participated in all three editions so far. The country received its best result with The Flying Spaghetti Monster vs The Invisible Pink Unicorn, which placed fifteenth in the third edition of the contest.

Full Results Edit

Blaland has received 79 points in the three Univision Song Contests thus far.

Univision I Edit

No. Artist – Song Pos. Pts.
1 Jón Hallur – Red Glowing Dust 20 3
7 C418 – Minecraft Biome Test 20 3
19 Eve Online – Close To A Holy Place 17 6
National Result 10/11 12

Univision II Edit

No. Artist – Song Pos. Pts.
3 Bodystyler – Der heimliche Aufmarsch 31 10
13 Cyriak – Cycles 28 13
Trentemøller – Miss You 27 17
National Result 11/11 40

Univision III Edit

No. Artist – Song Pos. Pts.
5 Mike McCubbins, Matt Bryan & Jeanie Meyer – The Flying Spaghetti Monster vs The Invisible Pink Unicorn 15 24
15 Mikko Tarmia – Back Hall 31 0
20 Billy Bragg and Choir – The Internationale 30 3
National Result 10/11 27

Voting results Edit

Points given Edit

Nation Pts
Solea 52
Bielosia 36
Tutono 21
Bongatar 16
Shmupland 14
Aeridani 10
Kallisto 5
Ethanthova 4
Aahrus 2

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