Aiyoti food often contains lots of herbs, spices and natural oils. Aiyoti food is often adventurous, and many different flavours are combined. 


Danzeni is a traditional, iconic dish, with the basic ingredients consisting of al dente noodles, sefianani, salt and sfairopi, the spices in the dish are in very large quantities and it is recommended to eat a maximum of two servings a day. Additional ingredients are almost always added, and they vary from region to region. Some regions may add meats, others may add spearmint (yes, spearmint) and some may add 17 more spices.

The dish originates from northwest Aiyota and is traditionally cooked by scooping water from the hotsprings into a bowl, pouring in ingredients and leaving a plate on top of the noodles.

The dish is very famous throughout the world and has gone as far as winning the award for most iconic Aiyoti dish

Py'nikki MasaEdit

Py'nikki masa is a popular food


Popular confectionary


A popular snack that consists of a potato filled with cream, bacon and cheese. Shojenz'i is the main producer of this food.

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