Aiyoti is a south Ariaké language which has been influenced by Aeridanish, Ethanthovan and Several Serkr Languages, however unlike Aeridanish which is fusional, Aiyoti is agglutinative. Aiyoti, which is an official language in Aiyota, Bárstetkses, Shioni, Akaji and Iki Pa Naki, has approximately 185 million native speakers.

Alphabet Edit


a = ɑ

á = æ 

e = e

é = ɛ(ɪ)

i =  i 

í = ɪ 

o = o(ʊ)

ó = ɒ 

u = u  

ú = ʊ 

ś = ʃ 

ź = ʒ

ŕ = r 

r = rolled r 

Mutual Intelligibility with Aeridanish Edit

Aiyoti and Aeridanish are approximately 65% intelligible, many words being shared and loaned, examples include coconut (Aiy: Azivatra, Aer: Azivadźra) , gift (Aiy: Hozvé, Aer: Hovzei) and new (Aiy: Haské, Aer: Haskel)

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