Aiyota has only sent two songs in the history of the contest, and has only participated in the first and third editions of the Univision Song Contest. Aiyota managed fourth overall as a country with a single song in the first edition, as Bad Apple placed third with 38 points. Aiyota could not replicate this result in the third Univision, receiving only 10 points, and placing twenty-fourth with Miku & Rin's The Lost Lovers. Due to the few songs the country has sent, it has received the least amount of points as a nation in the history of the contest.

Full Results Edit

Aiyota has received 48 points in the three Univision Song Contests thus far.

Univision I Edit

No. Artist – Song Pos. Pts.
16 Touhou – Bad Apple 3 38
National Result 4/11 38

Univision III Edit

No. Artist – Song Pos. Pts.
8 Miku & Rin – The Lost Lovers 24 10
National Result 11/11 10

Univision IV Edit

No. Artist – Song Pos. Pts.
13 O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei 34 8
30 Fabri Fibra – In Italia ft. Gianna Nannini 41 0
32 DJ Raaban – Anima Libera 30 10
National Result 14/14 18

Voting results Edit

Points given Edit

Aiyota failed to vote in the first edition of the contest.

Nation Pts
Wyverncliff 17
Aahrus 15
Bongatar 10
Blaland 8
Tutono 6
Shmupland 6
Aeridani 4